Public Memory and Street Names in the South: Who Gets Remembered?

“The first thing we have to recognize about social memory is that it is inherently political; it is about defining us against them — whether the ‘us’ is the nation-state, ethnic group, geographic population, family, or organization…Every group must tell a story to itself about itself, who it is and why it came to be, what memories it cherishes, why it deserves to be taken seriously and respected. Memory is more politically charged than almost anything historians can talk about right now.” [i]


Jefferson Davis|Jeff Davis|J Davis|Robert E Lee|R E Lee|R Lee|Stonewall Jackson| Washington Lee|Washington-Lee|Washington and Lee|Confederate|Beauregard|Bedford Forrest|Jeb Stuart|Albert Sidney|John Reagan|Joseph E Johnston|Joseph Johnston|Joe Johnston|J Reagan|J B Stuart|Nathan Forrest|J E B Stuart|Braxton Bragg|James Longstreet|George Pickett|G Pickett|William T Anderson|John Mosby|A P Hill|Ewell| Jubal Early|Jubal Anderson Early|Kirby Smith|Bell Hood|J B Hood| JB Hood|Armistead| Porter Alexander|Quantrell|Cleburne|Nathan Forrest|Pettigrew|Slidell|Robert Toombs| Toombs|Thomas Overby|W T Overby|C M Winkler|McLaws|Bolivar Buckner|S B Buckner|John Morgan|J H Morgan|Hunt Morgan|James L Kemper|Earl Van Dorn| Magruder|Samuel Garland|Joseph Wheeler|John D Imboden|J D Imboden|Nicholls| William J Hardee|W J Hardee|William Hardee|John A Logan

Martin Luther King|Rosa Parks|Booker T Washington|M L King|M.L. King|Booker T. Washington|Thurgood|DuBois|Abernathy|Coretta Scott|C S King|Medgar Evers|Malcolm X|Shuttlesworth|Hosea Williams|Emmett Till|Jesse Jackson|Marcus Garvey|Booker T Washington|B T Washington|Liuzzo|James Meredith|Fannie Lou Hamer|Fannie Hamer| Claudette Colvin |C Colvin|James Forman |John Lewis |Bayard Rustin |Joseph Lowery| James Earl Chaney|JE Chaney|J E Chaney|J.E. Chaney|Jimmie Lee Jackson|Lemuel Penn| M Garvey


Hover over the map’s points for detail on street name.

But wait: a bonus track! What about Dixie?

image: University of North Carolina

“There is a song or a tune which I used to hear with great pleasure before the war, but our friends across the river have appropriated it to their use during the last four years. It is the tune called ‘Dixie.’ But I think we have captured it. At any rate, I conferred with the Attorney General this morning, and he expressed the opinion that ‘Dixie’ may fairly be regarded as captured property. So I shall be glad to hear ‘Dixie’ by the band.”[iii]

Hover over the map’s points for detail on street name.



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